• On top of barely providing a venue for your child’s special day, Chipmunks also offers private venue hires, which are, again, fully customizable. In fact, all kinds of children-related activities are more than welcome. Thus, we also provide after school service and care. You may simply drop by whenever, have a cup of coffee and let your children play to their hearts’ content.  Read more...

      Chipmunks: one of New Zealand’s finest birthday party places

      Chipmunks doesn’t boast about being one of New Zealand’s finest birthday party places for nothing. For starters, the playground has dedicated age zones for kids — everyone from toddlers to 11 year olds are welcome — and so much more than welcome! With a range of activities catering to all tastes, Chipmunks guarantees enjoyable times and unforgettable birthday parties.
      By “range,” we imply creative party themes, with partyware included. An illustration:

      • Pirate Theme

      The undying popularity of pirates needs not be elaborated. From Long John Silver to Captain Jack Sparrow, a range of super-human villains has been inspiring children all around the globe. This includes some adults, too, we might add.
      If your child is one of them, the Pirate Theme at Chipmunks will make for a memorable birthday. Just imagine all those pompous hats and fancy pants, and there you have it.
      Depending on the age, children may well enjoy a scavenger hunt or devise adventures of their own. Ideas are but endless, and ours is to make all dreams come true. Leave it to Chipmunks!

      Kids birthday themes: only the finest for your child

      In addition to the abovementioned Pirate Theme, other kids birthday themes at Chipmunks include:

      • Charlie Theme

      If it’s your first visit to Chipmunks, it’s high time you met Charlie Chipmunks. Charlie is an adventurous fellow — the soul of the party, so to speak. But fear not! He is very responsible and will take care of children’s safety, while also providing the very ultimate birthday experience to all guests. Little ones and big ones alike.
      Charlie is, in fact, so much more than just a brand mascot. He is one of the curiosities that set Chipmunks well above other birthday party locations. Granted, your child is going to love him, and so will you.

      • Super Hero Theme

      Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Thor and Captain America … Ring any bells? It sure does, as adults were children once, too. Rather … let’s admit it, some of them still are!
      Chipmunks brings a wide array of our most loved super heroes back to life, allowing your children to experience the thrill of saving the world for a day. Super hero for a day, king for a lifetime.

      • Jungle Theme

      The Jungle Theme, as the name suggests, is all about wilderness. Exploring the jungle is not for the faint-hearted, but children rarely are. It’s the thrill of new discoveries that propels us all forward, and at Chipmunks, your child will get to experience it first-hand and enjoy every single second of it.
      Check out Chipmunks indoor playground Hamilton for additional information, as well as our other venues, too.
      It never hurts to boost children’s creativity while fuelling their sense of challenge, for we must never forget that children want to be adults. So, acting like Indiana Jones or little Mowgli once in a while may well turn into the most memorable day your child has ever experienced.

      • Princess Theme

      Let’s not forget the girls! Many of them dream of being princesses, or something along those lines. If your child happens to dream big in this sense, the Princess Theme at Chipmunks is the right choice.
      As is the case with all of our themes, partyware is included, so there are no worries about painstaking costumes or the like. Your child will be teleported to a dream world of glittering castles, chivalrous knights and glamorous balls in no time.

      • Private Parties

      Chipmunks hosts private parties of all kinds. Pick your theme, if ours don’t call your name, and customize the entire experience the way you like it. Private events are our specialty — private venue hire packages at Chipmunks stipulate the use of toddler and main playgrounds (there are three zones at Chipmunks: the baby zone, the toddler zone and the main zone) with entry for up to 50 children provided.
      Furthermore, Chipmunks also offers catered party packages. These provide entry for up to 25 children, an adequate number of munch meals, three adult platters of your choice and the use of the toddler playground and main playground.

      Out of ideas for your child’s birthday?

      No worries! Chipmunks has got you covered. We know all too well that, albeit highly customizable, the most popular Super Hero theme may well prove a difficult task to even approach.
      We’re certainly not implying that you may lack imagination! Rather, there are so many super heroes today that choosing which one to impersonate may prove too overwhelming, even for adults, let alone kids!
      Let’s take a look at some of the most popular super heroes that have inspired generations of children and adults alike. Simply pick your favourites, and leave the partyware to us!

      Forgive us for listing the obvious choice first. But, we might argue that there is a good reason why Superman is the first choice for many.
      Populating all areas of creative expression — from comic books to cartoons to movies, Superman has become a sort of legend that impersonates the best values of humanity. It doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves of them, especially not in a world with the declining morals of today.

      Batman probably comes next in terms of popularity. Probably — we’re not quite sure. Perhaps not as flashy as Superman’s, Batman’s outfit is nonetheless equally cool (even cooler, in our humble opinion). Still, he does turn heads, with or without his super-cool Batmobile.
      If the idea of living in an ultra-modern cave is somewhat thrilling to your child, Batman just might be the right choice. His theatrical appearance goes without saying!

      “With great power comes great responsibility,” as the comic promptly puts it, and Spider-Man proves true to this saying. Perhaps the greatest allure of this super hero’s complex morals lies in the fact that pretty much everyone can easily relate to him.
      Why? Trials and tribulations are commonplace, and the thrill of victory is nothing compared to the efforts put into solving them. Spider-Man is the ultimate personification of goodness in the face of temptations.

      Wolverine might be a mutant, but there’s no denying he’s cool! The fact that he has been popular for decades shows it’s not all about looks. The super hero frequents Marvel Comics, and has been attributed as a member of the Avengers, X-Men and Alpha Flight.
      With lots of choices to work on, let your children unleash their imagination to the fullest and impersonate the thrilling character the way they see fit. Their choice might surprise you and, at the same time, let you know their personality a bit better. It’s a good choice, overall.

      The X-Men
      A group rather than just one super hero, The X-Men open the door to some joint work by your children and their friends. Just like Wolverine, the X-Men are mutants with superhuman abilities. Their appearance might be scary to some, but they fight for equality nevertheless.
      The X-Men are, without a doubt, among the most recognizable Marvel Comics’ characters, and there is a good reason for it. After all, universal values never grow old.

      How about another Marvel Comics’ character? Unlike the great majority of others, Daredevil used to be an everyday human (Matthew Murdock) before suffering an accident that left him blind. Still, the radioactivity he was exposed to boosts the remainder of his senses, gracing him with a radar sense to make up for his lost sight.
      Daredevil mostly seeks revenge for his father’s death, providing a human insight into the super hero brain. This trait is, perhaps, most significant because it allows pretty much everyone to relate to the super hero.

      In a sense, Hulk is the closest to Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde that a super hero can get. Namely, he is both a green-skinned super-strong humanoid (the Hulk) and the physicist, Bruce Banner.
      For additional zest, the two resent each other, being as different as possibly imaginable. The reserved physicist became the Hulk in a similar way in which Matthew Murdock became Daredevil — by being exposed to gamma rays. The Hulk turns up whenever Banner is emotionally stressed. Hulk might be a good choice for introverts, as his alter ego is exactly that.

      Wonder Woman

      Let’s not forget the girls! There are a good many female super heroes to choose from, and their superhuman powers are no less impressive than those of the men. Wonder Woman is just one example.
      One of the most widely recognizable DC Comics’ characters, Wonder Woman is a founding member of the Justice League. Originally, she was sculpted from clay and given life and superhuman powers by the Greek gods. Of late, however, Wonder Woman has been credited as the daughter of Zeus (king of the Mount Olympus gods).
      So, you can go with whichever version your child prefers! Wonder Woman is a skilled fighter and possesses advanced technology that makes her invincible. Her evolution from a superb Amazonian warrior to a futuristic fighter allows for a range of personifications.

      Another DC Comics’ character, Catwoman is a burglar and Batman’s long-enduring love interest. She wears a tight black outfit, completed with cat ears. Her complicated personality (which has also evolved with time, due to various reasons), have seen her pictured as both a villain and a super hero. She’s the perfect choice for an imaginative girl, we’d say.
      Indeed, Catwoman is one of the most popular female villains/super heroes. Notably, she ranked 11th on the IGN’s “Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time” list.
      And the list goes on. When it comes to super heroes, the world never seems to tire of them. The abovementioned are only a few suggestions, especially intended for parents who are not comic book lovers themselves, as most of the super heroes made their debut decades ago as comic book characters.

      The most popular ones have made it to film, cartoons and other media, and have undergone huge transformations and background editing. It is, hence, always good to know the beginnings, as character evolution stems from all the variables of changing times. Tell your children a little about their favourite super heroes’ origins, and see how they will impersonate them.

      Best birthday party locations to showcase your super hero

      Chipmunks just might be one of the best birthday party locations to showcase your child’s super hero, pirate, princess or pretty much any other character they wish to impersonate. Leave masks and blowers to us and enjoy yourself with some hot chocolate, barista-made coffee, specialty tea and a wide range of desserts offered at Chipmunks. Pizza, burgers, salads, wraps … you name it, and we’ll prepare it. We are dedicated to fulfilling all kinds of special requests — whether vegetarian, vegan or low-carb.
      In short, Chipmunks wants both children and parents to have the time of their lives. If you like it here and wish to be a regular, become a member of our rewards programme. Chipmunks offers special deals regularly, as well as discounts and invitations for exclusive events. Miss nothing, get everything — Chipmunks will see to perfecting each and every one of your special events.

      Let Your Child Be Little at Chipmunks!

    • Party Themes & Packages

      We have a range of themes available including:

      Superhero Theme                Fairy Princess                    Jungle Theme                 Pirate Theme                  Charlie Theme

      Does your child fancy themselves a princess, pirate, jungle dweller or just loves Charlie? Chipmunks has a range of exciting & convenient birthday packages to suit your child – and budget.

      Our clean and spacious party rooms are perfectly sized to accommodate groups, large or small. Whether you just want to turn up on the day, or want to organise the finer details yourself, our party consultants can help. We’ve organised thousands of parties over the last 20 years!


  • Chipmunks Birthday Basic Party

    • Entry for up to 8 children (including birthday child)
    • Use of party room for up to 1 hour
    • Official Chipmunks Party Meal & Drink for each child
    • Official Chipmunks lollies
    • Official party pack including invitations, hats, blowers & plates
    • Unlimited stay & play on party day
    • Reserved space in cafe for guests (1 hour prior to arrival)
    • Chipmunks party host to ensure a fun & relaxed party for all
    • Birthday child receives a birthday certificate with bonus free return entry

    Pricing from: $195.00

    *Individual store pricing and packages may vary…

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  • Chipmunks Birthday Bash Party

    Our most popular birthday package!

    Includes everything from the Birthday Basic
    package PLUS…

    • Official Chipmunks gift for the birthday child
    • Official Chipmunks gift bag for each child
    • Choice of 1 adult food platter
    • Visit from Charlie Chipmunk
    • Ice cream cake with candles

    Pricing from: $295.00

    *Individual store pricing and packages may vary…

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  • Chipmunks Birthday Bonanza Party

    Our ultimate birthday package! Everything you need to make your day super special

    Includes everything from the Birthday Basic package PLUS…

    • Official Chipmunks gift for the birthday child
    • Premium gift bag for each child
    • Choice of 2 adults food platters
    • Visit from Charlie Chipmunk
    • Party game & prize
    • Official Chipmunks balloon for each child
    • Ice cream cake with candles

    Pricing from: $395.00

    *Individual store pricing and packages may vary…

    Find Your Nearest Location

  • Want to Add a Little Extra
    to Your Package?**

    Choose from:

    • Visit from Charlie Chipmunk
    • Ice Cream Cake with Candles
    • Adult Food Platters
      – Gourmet Sandwiches
      – Hot Food Favourites
      – Pizza Platter

      – Fruit & Cheese
    • Children’s Food Platters
      – Basic Sandwiches
      – Fairy Bread
      – Fruit Platter
    • Official Chipmunks Gift Bag
    • Official Chipmunks Balloon
    • Official Chipmunks Socks
    • Party Game & Prize
    • Note: items may vary between stores

    For individual store pricing and inclusions, see our locations.

    **Please note this in the ‘More Information’ section when booking online.

    • Birthday Party Menu Options

      Chipmunk’s party food is always popular with children!

      We have a great range of menu options, including our unique children’s combos. We also have a flexible platter menu available for both children and parents (see pricing above).

      Chipmunks indoor play centres cater for children with special dietary needs (options may vary store to store). Please be sure to discuss your requirements with your party host when booking your party.

      See our cafe menu

    • Booking Essentials

      Chipmunks hosts parties on both weekdays and weekends.

      However birthday parties in the weekend are very popular so be sure to book in advance to avoid disappointment (and don’t forget to tell your guests to bring their socks!).

    • Top Party Tips

      We want to make sure your party is amazing!

      Our staff can help you make the most of your special day.

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    • Love that there’s no clean up after birthday parties. Fun and easy for the kids.

      Lindell Faafoi

      August 2016

    • My daughters just love Chipmunks. We had my daughter’s birthday party at Chipmunks and it was amazing. Really well organised and beautiful #chipmunk

      Rima Sandhu

      August 2016