• Parenting is definitely hard to do.

      No matter how many books you read you’ll never be prepared for what you’ll get as a Mother!

      We found some ingenious #ParentHacks that may save you

      1. Get the sauce for your child that matches his/her shirt!











      Ketchup for red, mustard for yellow, mayo for white and BBQ for dark tees!

      2. Why Join a Gym if you can lose all that extra weight by running after your kids!











      It’s true! Parenting is one of the hardest jobs to do. On the plus side, you may get fitter!

      3. Hide your chocolates in a bag of peas.











      THIS IS GENIUS! No child will willingly go through a bag of peas or Broccoli or Brussel sprouts!

      4. Stickers to teach kids the difference between their right and left shoe.
      What a great idea!












      No more tears, no more frustration!

      5. To save your tea from getting cold, suggest a game of hide and seek.











      That’ll give you 10 minutes! You can enjoy your hot beverage in peace!

      Mu hahaha!

      We hope you enjoyed our compilation of parent hacks! If you have any genius ideas or #MumtHacks Please feel free to share them with us, you could be featured on our Facebook page!
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