• Gone are the days of organising a simple get-together for your kids birthday. Parents these days are going OTT planning their kids birthday parties! Did you hear that some parents are creating a gift registry for their kids?

      I mean god forbid if kids receive anything less than an Xbox One in their desired colour or anything less than a gold plated city for their Barbie! Because that’s a reasonable demand for child right? Or did you hear about that family that sent a poor 5-year-old an invoice for not showing up for a Birthday Party? I mean, what’s going on here? That’s just awful!











      We understand that planning a birthday party for your precious wee bub can be torturous and can consume you to the point that you have a breakdown! WE KNOW THAT! But what you don’t know is that we make your life easy! We take away that stress and that awful pressure off you dealing with kids high on sugar. We take away THAT Stress.

      How? You wonder?

      Well, Chipmunks has been in the Kids Birthday Party Industry way before you met your significant other! Way before you even knew they existed! We just turned 20 last year! We’ve seen so many kids grow up in front of us it fills us with an indescribable amount of joy!

      And we are very proud to say that we have helped make thousands of Birthday Party ideas come to life! We’ve been a part of thousands of birthday celebrations from all around the world. And every time we celebrate with you, we learn from you! We learn how to improve and be better.

      Just like your kids, we have grown in understanding what kids really like and most importantly how can we make your life easy as a parent, because parenting is tough!











      When you book a party with Chipmunks you become a part of our legacy! You become a part of our family :) And we take care of our family, we make sure that everything is taken off, from your invites to goody bags. Our Birthday parties are truly hassle free! Our staff takes care of the cleaning. You don’t have to worry about anything!

      We want you to enjoy this day as much as your kids! WE have food platters and beverages available for you and your friends to choose from!

      All you need to do is sit back and watch your child growing up :)











      Join our family today by booking a Birthday Party or a Private Venue Hire with us, and we’ll take care of you and your loved ones!