• Chipmunks kids indoor playground: Creativity Unleashed

    The Chipmunks kids indoor playground is designed for children and parents alike – with love. The idea is to allow the little dreamers to have unlimited fun (and we mean unlimited!) while staying safe at all times. At Chipmunks, safety comes first – no exceptions, no excuses.

    Let Your Child Be Little at Chipmunks!

    Chipmunks’ offer is diverse and incorporates indoor activities for your kids, birthday parties, and private venue hires. All kinds of special occasions being covered, it’s up to you to pick the ideal setting for your child’s special occasion.Read more…

    Chipmunks: New Zealand’s Best Loved Indoor Kids Playground

    Chipmunks is New Zealand’s best loved indoor kids playground for a good reason. For, not only do the kids get their chance to shine for a day, but the parents also get to enjoy our onsite Café at the same time. Chipmunks has dedicated Age Zones for kids – kids aged 0-11 welcome! We are open seven days a week – fun is guaranteed all year round.

    Party Themes

    Chipmunks has a range of themes available. Some of the regular ones include:

      • Super Hero Theme

    Who doesn’t want to be a superhero? Even the boring grown-ups do, and no less than they did when they were as little as their kids are today. At Chipmunks , your child will get a full makeover with ease. We provide the partyware to be loved – masks and blowers are only the beginning!

      • Pirate Theme

    Pirates come next to superheroes in terms of popularity. Well… probably. Some children like pirates better, and no wonder there. Goody two-shoes do get boring from time to time, and birthdays are the best time to do some mischief on the go. Take only those super cool hats and treasure troves into account and ask yourself: who is to blame children for liking Captain Jack Sparrow? Chipmunks will see to your little ones’ transformation, too. The partyware starts with customized invitations. Let your kids sail under Jolly Roger! Fair winds and following seas!

      • Jungle Theme

    Look for the bare necessities with Chipmunks’ Jungle Theme birthday party. Let your child explore the wild side, while you are conveniently sipping coffee nearby. Partyware included – let the jungle gym fun begin!

      • Charlie Theme

    Meet Charlie, Chipmunks’ brand mascot. He is an adventurous, party-loving soul, but still very responsible! No risks of your child being spoiled… too much! Masks, blowers, plates, cups, and placemats provided.

      • Princess Theme

    To be fair, pirates and superheroes aren’t for the faint-hearted. Fairy tale lovers might prefer wishing upon a star. At Chipmunks , we make their dreams come true! Princess theme parties are just the thing for dreamers. Partyware included.

    Pick a theme and – party the day away! Chipmunks will make sure your children and their friends have the time of their lives!


    Private Parties at Chipmunks: Catered and Hire-Only Packages

    Chipmunks boasts of being New Zealand’s most loved jungle gym and playground for kids for more reasons than one. On top of our established range of themes, you may also opt for customizing the experience the way you like it. Throw a private party like a pro! Be your own DJ and choose your favourite theme.

    Chipmunks might be a playground for children, but we also host private events. Hire the venue you like and customize your special event to the tiniest detail. We welcome large party groups as well as small ones, with all kinds of events being hosted. Sports events, fundraising events, special occasions – you name it, Chipmunks will do the rest.

    Offered at Chipmunks for your convenience are fully-catered and hire-only packages. See the list of available stores for hire-only details. Private venue hire packages include the use of toddler and main playgrounds, mega inflatable slide and seating, as well as a sound system and a microphone to entertain the guests. Entry for up to 50 children. Self-catering is also an option.

    Contact us at Chipmunks for additional details.

    The catered party package includes entry for up to 25 children, up to 25 munch meals, 3 adult platters (your choice), official Chipmunks partyware, the use of toddler and main playgrounds, mega inflatable slide and seating, a sound system and a microphone. Affordable prices and fun times guaranteed.

    The Chipmunks indoor playground listens to your wishes – contact us with inquiries and we will find the best way to customize your child’s special occasion accordingly. We welcome all kinds of activities – let the children enjoy themselves in a safe, relaxed environment. Creativity boost granted!


    Indoor Play Ideas

    Out of ideas for your child’s special event? Inspiration is just around the corner. Here are some of the fun activities children love to engage in.

    Arts and Crafts

      • Self-portraits

    In our experience, children love drawing themselves. Just give them a mirror or two and watch them enjoy an outburst of creativity. To top it off, this experience is customizable. Depending on the children’s age, they might like to draw their face or whole body. In case of the latter, use some addition to make the experience all the more enjoyable. Add a feather or a funny costume. Enjoy the result –children love unleashing their creativity. Don’t be surprised if they dye their portrait’s hair some weird colour either!

      • Collage

    Cutting and gluing pictures is one of the most enjoyable activities for children. Let them select their favourite pictures and cut them out of magazines. Then they can glue and decorate them away. On top of scissors and glue, they will also need crayons, markers, or similar and wrapping paper, stickers, or glitter. The more the merrier!

      • Pattern making

    In addition to being fun, pattern making will also help children enjoy art and math. You may use an ice cube tray or muffin tin and small items to go with them (e.g., marbles, buttons, dried beans…). Children should be encouraged to sort the items – use your imagination for the sorting part (patterns, colours, sizes… the list goes on!).

      • Origami

    Everyone likes origami! Children and adults alike enjoy the curious art of paper folding originating from the ancient East. Not to mention that the activity helps with practicing fine motor skills. Not only does it call for creativity, but it also requires some precision. Of course, make sure to select the shapes suitable for children’s age. You want them to have fun, not to get frustrated.

      • DIY stuffed animals

    Suitable for pre-school and older children. Making stuff animals is loads of fun and never gets old. We know a good number of adults who still enjoy it, so don’t miss out on introducing the activity to your child. There are many ways to enjoy this activity. You can start by drawing the animal’s outline and cutting it out, as to make two identical shapes. Use paper or some other material. Then simply let the child colour and decorate the outline. After that, staple the two pieces together and – et voilà!

      • Masks

    One of the most loved activities. Making homemade masks never seems to tire children and we can see why. The art is so customizable that pretty much all kinds of tools may be used – various materials as well as all kinds of colours, glues, glitters, and so on. Your child’s creativity may well surprise you, too! Barely the choice of the character will tell you volumes about your kid’s creativity.


      • Concerts

    Children are known for being able to make sounds with pretty much anything. This allows for a wide selection of musical instruments depending on the child’s age – from homemade- to real ones. Even bottles and utensils will serve the purpose! Hands and feet are more than enough for small children. Well, let them enjoy conducting a concert!

      • Gardening

    Think that children don’t enjoy the same things adults do? Think again! Playing with dirt remains one of children’s best loved activities around the globe. Simply add some plants and let the kids plant, pot, and water them. Tell them the names of the plants – they are certain to memorize them!

      • Cooking

    Cooking is not necessarily a hateful obligation, especially if the child learns to love it at a young age. We mean it! The trick is in coming up with an easy cooking project. It may be a sandwich or a wrap, or simply a salad. Anything engaging patting and cutting is certain to make the children happy.

    Movement and Adventuring

      • Freeze Dance

    Truly one of the most common activities for kids all over the globe. The reason? It is fun yet simple and, as such, suitable for different ages. Basically, there is only one rule. When the music is paused, children should “freeze”. Pick some music that children like and encourage them to make funny faces when they freeze.

      • Yoga

    If your children have never tried yoga, it’s high time they gave it a go. If they’re small, though, don’t expect them to stay quiet and breathe properly. Most likely, they will find the situation funny. And this is for the best, because it will give you the freedom to customize the experience. E.g., name the asanas or make flash cards with their names.

      • Copy dancing

    Copy dancing is certain to entertain kids as well as invoke their creativity. The rule of the game is simple – one child dances and the others are expected to copy the moves. Make all children the leader in turn (this will boost their self-confidence) and watch them enjoy themselves.

      • Scavenger hunt

    Treasure hunts never get outdated. Therefore, use your creativity to invent an adventure children will enjoy. You may use toys, colours, patterns, letters, books… the list goes on! Hide them all around the playground and watch the children enjoy the hunt. Jumping and crawling encouraged! Think up the best spots!

      • Finish the story

    Think up a short open-ended story. Or rather, just the beginning of it. Start with one short, thrilling sentence and have the children add one sentence each. Keep in mind, however, that the plot is likely to get unexpected turns (don’t underestimate children’s creativity!), so a simple sentence will do. I.e., “the cat was lazing on the bench”. The sillier the sentence, the more entertaining the plot will become.

      • Invent a dance

    Children love choreographing. Encourage them to come up with their own dance moves and watch the fun unfold. Apply any kinds of rules you like, keeping in mind the age of the children. E.g., you may tell them to create five counts of movement, then put them together. Upon finishing the sequence, they may add more counts.


    Playing and Relaxing at Chipmunks Kids Indoor Playground

    The Chipmunks kids indoor playground prides itself on offering the ultimate experience for both children and parents. Arrange your perfect outing while the children are just around the corner. As stated above, at Chipmunks we take security seriously, and what we mean by that is that we have various age zones.

    In detail, these would be the baby zone, the toddler zone, and the main zone.

    Baby zone (children under 2 years) features soft mats, rockers, a ball pool, building blocks, and interactive play panels.

    Toddler zone (children under five years) features soft mats, revolving chairs, a soft piano, a ball pit, interactive play panels, and café supervision seating.

    Main zone (children 5 to 11 years) features soft play obstacles, cannons, ramps, a bridge and a ball pit.

    A little something for every child, and an enjoyable night out for the parents. Treat yourself to your favourite dishes: pizza, burgers, wraps, salads… Enjoy a barista-made coffee, hot chocolate, or specialty tea. Cakes, muffins and other desserts are also available.

    Like it here? Become a member of Chipmunks’ rewards programme: earn discounts and get exclusive card-holder event invitations.

    Let Your Child Be Little at Chipmunks!

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