• The best South Island indoor toddler playground? Try Chipmunks, where safety and fun go hand in hand.

    Chipmunks indoor toddler playground is a fun and convenient place for both children and parents. At Chipmunks, we take safety as it should always be taken: seriously. Our dedicated age zones even bring it to the next level, as each one is specifically suited for children of the respective age. Read more…

    There are three zones, in total, for children from babyhood to 11, as follows: baby zone (for children up to 2 years), toddler zone (for children 2 to 5) and main zone (for children 5 to 11). All zones feature appropriate toys and are under constant supervision. Our professional staff always takes care that playing goes smoothly, without interruptions, but also without any potential threats.

    Parents may enjoy themselves at the Chipmunks on-site café that serves specialty tea, hot chocolate, barista-made coffee, desserts and other tasty delicacies (healthy options and snacks included).

    Chipmunks is a playground, but open to all kinds of celebrations, as well as just for lazy afternoon outings. We pride ourselves on organizing the best children’s birthdays in town, but we also offer hire only packages for all kinds of celebrations.

    Chipmunks believes in quality and affordability, and our membership plan is designed to offer you additional benefits and discounts, along with special Chipmunks events. Take a look at our playgrounds and find the one nearest you. Give us a call for arrangements or simply drop by to see the environment for yourself.


    Chippmunks New Zealand

    Visit NZ’s Finest Toddler Indoor Playground at Chipmunks

    The Chipmunks toddler indoor playground welcomes children 2 to 5 years old, and features soft shapes and mats, interactive play panels, a fixed slide, revolving chairs, a tunnel, a soft piano, a climbing structure and a ball pit.

    Need we reiterate that it is constantly being supervised?

    Chipmunks is famous for throwing the best parties in town — just ask any child from the neighbourhood! So, what is it to our birthday parties that children love so much? We believe it is a fine mixture of two equally important elements: entertaining activities and inspirational party themes.

    As regards the first, at Chipmunks we know that play comes first. The fast-paced world might want children to become adults as soon as possible, but research has shown that rushing biological processes at the expense of counterfactual thinking is not as good of an idea as policymakers might think.

    Forcing a child to learn to write and read before their mind is ready for such tasks is counter-productive in the long run. Namely, a recent study has shown that early school entry, albeit sometimes boosting short-term educational success, results in lower overall achievement and adjustment later in life.

    Therefore, let your children play while they can — and should! Their imaginations will help them adjust to the environment and teach them to handle all kinds of stressful situations that are likely to beset them once they’ve grown. So, there’s definitely no need to stress them with unsuitable tasks prematurely.

    At Chipmunks, children will always be children. We love this simple fact and — children love it in return.

    In regards to the second, party themes at Chipmunks revisit some of the best-loved villains, heroes and fantasy creatures. Imagination boost guaranteed. Offered at Chipmunks are Super Hero Theme, Pirate Theme, Jungle Theme, Fairy Princess Theme, and Charlie Chipmunks Theme. We also offer private venue hires for customized parties (not necessarily birthday celebrations), such as end-of-year breakups, fundraisers, school discos and all other kinds of social events for children.

    Chipmunks also proudly hosts catered parties. These are intended for up to 25 children and provide 25 munch meals, your choice of three adult platters, use of the indoor toddler playground and the main playground, the mega inflatable slide, seating and additional benefits.

    Children’s platters consists of kids’ fairy bread, assorted sandwiches (bite-size pieces), kids’ fruit platters (bite-size pieces), and lollies and chips.

    Adult’s platters consists of gourmet sandwiches, ham and vegetarian wraps, hot chips, wedges, chicken nuggets, samosas, mini spring rolls with sauces, a fresh assortment of chicken, pizza platters (Hawaiian, Margherita and Meat Lovers), cakes and slices, and a selection of fresh seasonal fruit platters.

    A very special offer is Chipmunks’ Celebration Extravaganza, the package featuring entry for 25 children, 25 munch meals, your choice of four adult platters, use of both toddler and main playgrounds, the mega inflatable slide, seating and additional benefits.

    After hours extras are available on all packages and include official Chipmunks party gifts, official Chipmunks socks, a Charlie Chipmunks’ visit, official Chipmunks partyware, additional munch meal and drink per child, and the hire of an additional hour. Chipmunks’ on-site café serves barista-made coffee, specialty tea, hot chocolate, desserts, wraps and many other delicacies.

    ball pit at chipmunks

    Play: An Indispensable Activity for Every Child

    Playing is as important to children as work is to adults. Many studies back this opinion, and even more of them underline the error of early school entry. In New Zealand, where children start formal education sooner than their bodies and minds are ready for it, according to scientists, play ceases to be an “extra” and becomes a mere necessity.

    Keeping that in mind, Chipmunks strives to provide much-needed activities to children aged up to 11. Studies on the importance of play offer varying data, but most agree that playing is crucial for children at least up to their 8th year. Until that period, scientists agree that children’s brains adapt to the environment, and their motor skills develop to meet the challenges ahead.

    That doesn’t mean that just any kind of play will do. Smaller children enjoy different things than older ones, and Chipmunks pays particular attention in providing exactly what each needs.

    I.e., our baby zone features soft shapes and interactive play panels, as younger children are known for developing the sense of touch. Building blocks and a ball pool are just perfect for children aged just under 2, as they learn to coordinate the moves, enjoying their discoveries.

    As regards toddlers, interactive play panels are also a suitable toy. Our toddler zone features a soft piano for somewhat bigger children, as well as a tunnel, revolving chairs, a ball pit and a climbing structure. All of these are appropriate for children’s age; soft mats go without saying.

    Finally, bigger children enjoy inventing tales, moves and playing make-believe stories. Chipmunks’ main zone features a variety of soft play obstacles, ramps, cannons and a bridge, so that children may well enjoy their dream world to the fullest. All kinds of activities that children love — from drawing and cooking to freeze dance and finishing the tale — are welcome at Chipmunks. This holds true not only for birthday parties and private celebrations; we organize various other activities suitable for children of different ages.

    We know how important the age difference is; hence we organize appropriate activities for each and every child. An individual approach is employed, as we cherish differences in all of their creative expressions.

    After School Care, Outside School Hours Care and Holiday Programmes

    Chipmunks organizes after school care and outside school hours care. More specifically, these services are available at the following venues: Mt Roskill, Hamilton, Tauranga, Invercargill, Dunedin and Timaru. The service includes breakfast, afternoon tea (where applicable), assistance with homework and play galore. Entertainment for children is suitable for their respective age.

    Outside school care program

    School Holiday Programmes

    School holiday programs are available at selected Chipmunks venues. These are one of the most-loved activities and include a variety of programmes, both indoor and outdoor, depending on the time of the year, the children’s ages and specific preferences.

    Some examples include visits to the movies and swimming pools, fishing trips and outdoor activities of all sorts. Indoor activities vary, in the broadest sense of the word, from cooking and story invention to dancing, drawing, mask and collage making.

    School holiday programs are currently available at Chipmunks Mount Roskill, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Tawa, Whangarei, Dunedin, Invercargill and Timaru. Check your local Chipmunks venue for additional packages and pricing. OSCAR and WINZ subsidies are accepted by Chipmunks, so make sure to make use of them. We do not discriminate — every child is always welcome.

    In addition, Chipmunks Invercargill and Queenstown also offer a drop-off service for children aged 5 to 11.

    Activities for Children

    There are so many activities for children that parents often have difficulties picking the best one. Although “best” just might not be the word we’re after here. Children have their specific tastes just like adults do, so observing them is always the best approach to picking the most suitable activity at the moment. Some of the most common activities include the following:

    Making masks
    This one never gets old. It is highly customizable, too, as all kinds of materials may be used. Commonly, some paper, colouring pencils and glue are enough, with glitter, coloured paper, all kinds of small objects (buttons and the like) being a welcome addition. If children are smaller, some examples might be shown, and of those there are many: from famous Venetian masks to children’s favourite super heroes.

    On top of providing heaps of fun, pattern making also boosts children’s senses for math and art. Any kind of tray may be used, e.g. muffin tins or an ice cube tray. Small items will add some extra entertainment — dried beans, buttons and marbles … the list goes on. Children will enjoy sorting the items and the selection method may be size, colour or pattern … pretty much any criterion that comes to mind.

    This is certainly one of the most common activities both for children and adults. The usual difference is that adults hate it and children quite enjoy it. Of course, the child is not to be expected to be a virtuoso — simple tasks will do, e.g. making a wrap or a creative sandwich is a good start. Salads are also preferable, with as much colours as possible.

    This is yet another common activity that may prove quite enjoyable. From their earliest age, children just love playing with dirt. This activity is common for all children around the globe, and gardening naturally follows.
    It is sufficient to add some plants to the original pattern and show how to plant them, which is also a good method for teaching your children something new. Simply tell them the plant names, and they will make sure to memorize them.

    Scavenger hunt
    A scavenger hunt is suitable for older children and remains one of the best loved children’s activities of all times. For, children are, first and foremost, explorers at heart. Use toys, books, colours, or buttons … well, pretty much anything at hand, and hide the objects. Use some cunning while doing it, as to allow children to exercise both their muscles and brains. Jumping and crawling is a usual exercise for children, but make sure not to overdo it.

    Finish the story
    Come up with an open-ended sentence. Then have the children add another one in turn. Enjoy the result — some of the best-loved stories for children started this way!

    In fact, all kinds of story-telling, cooking and dancing activities are welcome. Children love these and will enjoy them while learning something new. And you will also get to know a bit more about your little ones — creative games are always the best way to unleash your child’s imagination and see what lurks there.

    Chipmunks Pakuranga

    Visit the safest and best loved indoor toddler playground in town: Chipmunks welcomes you with open arms


    The Chipmunks indoor toddler playground will see your children enjoy the day to the fullest, while you may well appreciate some pleasant time with your significant other or a group of friends. Our professional staff will make sure everything goes smoothly, so that you can relax during your outing.

    Spending a lazy rainy afternoon at Chipmunks is a perfect way to brighten your day. Or, throw a party for your child’s special day.

    Chipmunks offers membership programmes, which portend discounts, rewards, special offers and exclusive event invitations.

    Don’t forget our specialty birthday party packages!

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