• Chipmunks: children indoor playground to love

    Chipmunks is a children indoor playground both you and your kids are going to love. Dedicated to safety and fun all day, Chipmunks offers a wide range of party themes, as well as venue hires and customized events.  Read more…

    Chipmunks is a children indoor playground both you and your kids are going to love. Dedicated to safety and fun all day, Chipmunks offers a wide range of party themes, as well as venue hires and customized events.

    Let Your Child Be Little at Chipmunks!

    With locations countrywide, affordable prices and special loyalty programs, Chipmunks has a little something to offer to everyone.

    I love taking the boys here, because they always have a great time. It’s safe, fun and friendly, and the staff is really nice and helpful. The bathrooms are always clean, and the tables are never a mess. It’s a safe, easy place to go when the kids need to have a play out of the rain.

    Chipmunks indoor playground welcomes children of all ages

    The Chipmunks indoor playground welcomes children up to 11 years old, and has dedicated age zones to ensure safety.

    Baby Zone
    Baby zone is intended for children under 2 years, allows for easy supervision and features soft shapes and mats, rockers, a ball pool, building blocks and interactive play panels.

    Toddler Zone
    Toddler zone is intended for children under 5 years, allows for café supervision seating and features interactive play panels, soft shapes and mats, revolving chairs, a tunnel, a fixed slide, a soft piano, a climbing structure and a ball pit.

    Main Zone
    Main zone is intended for children 5 to 11 years old and features soft play obstacles, a ball pit, cannons, ramps, a bridge and a fixed slide.

    As you can see, we make good on our promise that safety comes first at Chipmunks.

    We went on the last Friday of the school holidays. The three children had a blast, and so did I and my friend. The staff was really friendly, and we got straight in.
    The food arrived quickly, and there were even a few healthy options. It was clean and noisy, but hey, it’s a kids’ paradise. The staff was quick to help and organize children when needed, like at the slide. Overall, it was a great four hours on a wet Friday.

    As already mentioned, Chipmunks also offers hire only packages. These are ideal for end-of-year breakups, large parties, fundraisers and school discos, albeit many other occasions may also come to mind. Whatever your special event, Chipmunks will be happy to accommodate it.

    You can even be your own DJ when you throw a private party at Chipmunks! Have your party your way!

    Hire only packages feature entry for up to 50 children, use of the toddler and main playgrounds, the mega inflatable slide and seating, a self-cater option, a sound system and a microphone, and official Chipmunks partyware. If more than 50 children are to attend the event, additional pricing is only $4.90 per child.

    Finally, Chipmunks offers catered party packages, which are ideal for various cultural gatherings. A party package features entry for up to 25 children, up to 25 munch meals (hot food box and kids’ drinks included), your choice of three adult platters, use of toddler and main playgrounds, mega inflatable slide and seating, a sound system, a microphone and official Chipmunks partyware. If more than 25 are to attend the event, additional pricing is just $9.90 per child.

    Last but not least, Chipmunks offers the ultimate party experience for large celebrations and birthdays — known as Celebration Extravaganza.

    The package features entry for up to 25 children, up to 25 munch meals (hot food box and kids’ drinks included), your choice of four adult platters, use of the toddler and main playgrounds, the mega inflatable slide and seating, a sound system and a microphone, an official Chipmunks party gift for each child, a present for the birthday child, an ice cream cake and even a visit from Charlie Chipmunk (our mascot). If more than 25 are to attend the event, additional pricing is $17.90 per child.

    See your official Chipmunks store for additional pricing details. Prices may vary depending on the location and availability. Contact us with inquiries and customization wishes — we cater to all needs.

    Chipmunks redefines indoor soft play

    Indoor soft play is a safe, fun way to spend an enjoyable birthday with other shenanigans. It’s even better if parents can enjoy themselves, too! That is exactly what you will get at Chipmunks — a dedicated birthday venue for kids.

    The Chipmunks children indoor playground has a range of themes to suit every child’s imagination, but you may also opt for a different package. What we pride ourselves on is a palette of platters for even the most picky of customers, including people with special diet plans.

    Albeit children come first, we are also dedicated to providing the ultimate parent experience along the way. Why wouldn’t both ends enjoy the fun?

    At the Chipmunks children playground, adults and children’s platters are available to cater.

    We believe it is a convenient alternative to self-catering, and so will you. Leave all of the preparations to us and simply relax and enjoy the experience.

    Here is what to expect, at a glance:

    Adult’s Platters
    Adult’s platters include an assortment of gourmet sandwiches, a fresh assortment of chicken, ham and vegetarian wraps, a variety of hot dishes (hot chips, wedges, chicken nuggets, samosas and mini spring rolls with sauces), a mixture of the three Chipmunks favourite pizza platters (Hawaiian, Margherita and Meat Lovers), a selection of fresh seasonal fruit platters, cakes and slices. All platters serve six to eight adults as a snack.

    Children’s Platters
    Children’s platters include assorted children’s sandwiches, kids’ fairy bread, kids’ fruit platter (a selection of fresh fruit in bite size pieces) and kids’ lollies and chips.

    Please note that all platter orders must be confirmed three working days prior to your function.

    This was the first time taking my daughter to Chipmunks, and she loved it! There’s an awesome variety of playground equipment. I also enjoyed the environment provided for parents, and the service provided by the staff was also great. Will happily be returning for more fun.

    After Hours Extras
    Regardless of the party package at the Chipmunks indoor kids playground, you may always opt for after hours extras. These include official Chipmunks partyware, official Chipmunks party gifts, official Chipmunks socks, Charlie Chipmunks’ visit, hire an additional hour, an additional munch meal and one drink per child. Additional benefits are customizable upon request.

    Finally, Chipmunks’ on-site café serves hot chocolate, barista-made coffee, specialty tea, various desserts and other dishes.

    School Holiday Programs at Chipmunks

    Chipmunks offers a variety of school holiday programs for your convenience. Both indoor and outdoor activities are available. The latter include, but are not limited to, visits to the movies, swimming pools and fishing trips. Indoor activities involve arts and crafts, dress-ups, character visits, games, teamwork activities, cooking and much more.

    School holiday programs are offered at the following centres: Mount Roskill, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Tawa, and Whangarei (North Island), Dunedin, Invercargill and Timaru (South Island). OSCAR* and WINZ subsidies are usually available, and most of Chipmunks play centres offer casual arrangements. Contact your local centre for additional details.

    *OSCAR (Out of School Care and Recreation) Subsidy is a payment that helps families with the costs of before-school and after-school programmes for up to 20 hours a week, and school holiday programmes for up to 50 hours a week.

    After School Care and Outside School Hours Care at Chipmunks

    Chipmunks also offers after school care and outside school hours care at the following centres: Mt Roskill, Hamilton, Tauranga, Invercargill, Dunedin and Timaru. The program provides breakfast and afternoon tea, assistance with homework and entertainment for children. A drop-off service for children aged between 5 and 11 years is available at Chipmunks Invercargill and Queenstown.

    Chipmunks children indoor playground Party Themes

    Finally, we come to the most important part — party themes! The Chipmunks children indoor playground provides official partyware, so there are no worries about the costumes and masks, provided that you don’t have a special theme in mind. We happily cater to these requests, too.

    Friday was a chilled-out, relaxed afternoon with hot chocolate for us and nibbles for the kids! Friendly, attentive staff!

    The regular offer at Chipmunks includes a selection of the most popular themes for every child. Our mascot, Charlie, makes certain your child is having the adventure of a lifetime. At a glance:

    • Charlie Theme

    Charlie Chipmunks is an adventurous boy, our mascot and pride. He entertains the guests, encourages their adventuring, teaches them new skills and always takes perfect care of them. Don’t worry about Charlie being a bit too energetic! He is responsible and reliable, almost to a fault!
    Let the party unfold in all its glory with Charlie’s help!

    • Jungle Theme

    Jungle adventures never get old. They didn’t for us, and they will not for our children and their children. Generations of children worldwide have grown up reading “The Jungle Book” and similar masterpieces that inspire and provoke the mind. At Chipmunks, we bring that inspiration forth and give it a palpable shape.
    Jungle Theme is a perfect choice for little explorers and Indiana Joneses-to-become. Let the fun begin!

    • Super Hero Theme

    This is yet another ever-popular theme. Super heroes have endured changing times, and will remain to do so unto eternity. For a good reason, too, seeing as the sense of justice is what every child possesses.
    Admittedly, villains can be cool, too. So, why not role-play a bit? Let your child be Superman or Catwoman for a day, and enjoy the adventuring all the way. Flying may be out of the question, but hey, the first Superman used to jump, too.
    Chipmunks Super Hero Theme is one of the most popular ones, which speaks volumes about universal morals.

    • Princess Theme

    This provides a very special theme for little damsels. Chipmunks Princess Theme will see the kids enjoy the age of chivalry, with costumes and castles galore! A dragon or two might not hurt, but we take safety seriously, so… sorry, no dragons! Still, the little ones will get to enjoy adventuring in one of the most loved times of legends, with plenty of ideas to build on.

    Don’t see a theme to suit your child? Contact us! We will arrange a special event for you, just the way you want it.

    Finally, there are various children’s activities that may be implemented. This is fully customizable, though we have some ideas. Depending on the children’s age, many options present themselves.

    From self-portraits to animals to trees, drawing has always been one of children’s favourite activities. Use your imaginations to customize it: you may show an image from a book or magazine and ask the children to redraw it, or ask them to create a self-portrait or a portrait of their best friend.

    Mask Making
    Chipmunks provides its official partyware and masks, but that doesn’t mean that children cannot enjoy themselves making their own. Masks may be simple or more advanced, depending on the materials used.

    Make sure to take children’s age into account when choosing these, as you want them to have fun, not get frustrated. Some colours, glues, glitters, paper and textile are pretty much all they will need to enjoy themselves.

    Scavenger Hunt
    How about the oldest game in the world? It’s also easy to prepare, as all kinds of objects may be used. Simply hide them around the place and promise some nice rewards to the little adventurers.

    Sit back and watch them enjoy the hunt. It’s easy-peasy and heaps of fun, too!
    Chipmunks is the place where children learn to grow into happy, creative adults. All in due time, though. For the time being, simply let them enjoy themselves to the fullest!

    Let Your Child Be Little at Chipmunks!