• Let’s learn a bit more about the age zones. Baby zone is for children under 2 years, toddler zone for children under 5 years and main zone for children 5 to 11 years. Read more...

      Baby zone features soft mats, rockers, a ball pool, building blocks and interactive play panels. Toddler zone features soft mats, revolving chairs, a soft piano, a ball pit, interactive play panels, a café and supervision seating. Main zone features soft play obstacles, cannons, ramps, a bridge and a ball pit.

      There’s a little something for every child, with our professional staff at hand to supervise (but by no means interrupt) the play.

      Chipmunks: Toddler Playground to Revisit

      Chipmunks has a toddler playground to die for. Not only that, but we also keep parents’ wishes in mind. We know there’s nothing better but a cup of warm coffee after a busy day, with children enjoying themselves on their own. At Chipmunks, this easily becomes a reality, with both sides enjoying a very special time — each and every time.

      Bigger children might enjoy themselves just as much as the smaller ones. Chipmunks’ main zone features toys to love — and activities to love, too.

      It is regrettable and sad that playing has lost its original purpose of late. With both parents and the system rushing children into becoming grown-ups, children often lack the time to play. However, this isn’t the case at Chipmunks! Let your children enjoy a day off in a universe of their own. Leave the big world aside for a day!

      For, what people often tend to misunderstand is that play is a necessity — not by any means a luxury. The modern conception of play as amusement cannot be more wrong.

      This especially holds true for toddlers and children up to eight years old, as to them, playing is the most serious business out there.

      As such, it is essential to their development, no less than rest or food. While playing, children get accustomed to their surroundings, and adapt, if need be. Moreover, playing is meaningful to children. It is initiated by them and, at the same time, spontaneous, as opposed to the routine they face on a daily basis.

      Try observing a child play, and you will easily see the truth of this. Children are serious when playing. Take playing trains as an example — every block is arranged in a most absorbed manner, as if the train was full-size.

      From the point of biology, there is no mystery here. The human young is quite helpless compared to most animals. Children have a long period of infancy, unlike their animal counterparts. Most young animals can do far more for themselves than the human baby can even imagine of doing.

      Human babies are slow to develop, which means they have more time to adapt their behaviour to better deal with existing situations. This is where imagination and reason enter the stage. The so-called instinctive powers adults possess are actually quite imperfect in infancy — they are modified later in life as to meet the needs to come. The main method for this modification process is play.

      If we were to make a comparison between a child and an adult in this sense, we’d have to say that children see play equally as important as adults see work. Play is a process of learning — a creative one — where children get to educate themselves by inventing solutions to complete various tasks. In biological terms, they get to learn by experiencing and making mistakes.

      Naturally, curiosity plays an immense role in this basic learning process. Children want to explore and handle things, and memorize what they can expect of them. This tremendous amount of factors forms habits and emotions in children — habits and emotions that will later come to determine their personality. It is extremely important to understand this, as parents need to provide a suitable environment and materials to stimulate the development of positive responses that will later turn into desirable habits.

      At Chipmunks, we know this all too well. That is why we pay particular attention to providing the best environment there is, taking care not to interrupt or interfere with children’s play. The Chipmunks indoor playground Whangarei (or any other, for that matter) is dedicated to helping children grow into happy, positive adults simply by allowing them to be what they really are — children.

      Don’t rush your child into premature adulthood! You might regret it later.

      Chipmunks Indoor Playground for Toddlers: Where Kids Are Simply Kids

      Chipmunks indoor playground for toddlers is the perfect spot for birthday parties, large and small celebrations, school discos, end-of-year breakups, fundraisers and many more activities. Or it can simply be a pleasant place to stay with your significant other while your child plays with his or her best friend nearby. Why not enjoy an afternoon out with the family, and in privacy at the same time?

      Chipmunks is an indoor playground for kids, as well as a pleasant place to enjoy some barista-made coffee, specialty tea, hot chocolate, desserts, salads, wraps, burgers … We take care of the entire family and their friends. Our professional staff will supervise the children while the adults enjoy their own fun times nearby.

      As a matter of fact, we know many parents who simply enjoy watching their children play. Not every parent wants some quiet space while “unplugging” their child — quite on the contrary! More and more adults have begun to realize the importance of play Chipmunks underlines so much.

      They know it is a natural stage in their children’s life that will prepare them for responsibilities and challenges ahead. Leave them unchallenged for a while, and allow your children to surprise and actually impress you by their playful actions. The best way to learn something more about your children is by observing their play.

      You can do exactly that and so much more at the Chipmunks indoor playground Whangarei — the best place for children to be children and for parents to enjoy observing their precious little ones enjoying themselves, while also developing important cognitive skills. Throw the best birthday party ever for your children and invite all their friends along! Chipmunks will transform them into princesses, pirates, super heroes, adventurers … Let the play commence!

      Play is the direct result of impulses that direct children’s activity. Which is to say — it comes from within. Outside factors don’t matter when it comes to expression; they are factored in spontaneously, with behaviour being adapted and altered as to best meet them.

      The types of play are always closely linked to structural changes in the body.

      Psychologists explain this by saying that growing parts need exercise, e.g., a 4-year-old will often use crayons to make large strokes as to exercise the larger muscles.

      Psychologists warn that trying to teach the child in this stage letters is a fundamentally wrong choice, as the action uses finer muscles of the hand. For that, your 4-year-old is not yet physically ready, as they develop later in life.

      Bring a party to the Chipmunks indoor playground Lyall Bay where every child will get to enjoy themselves to the fullest. Best dishes and best fun in all Lyall Bay!

      As the child grows, types of play will also change as to fit the current stage of the development. Recognizing the stages is important, as play is linked to both physical and mental activities. Children need to have appropriate materials and toys that will stimulate their growing interests constructively. Broadly speaking, there are two stages until the age of 5:

      • The first period starts at birth and is characterised by the development of large muscles (leg, arm and trunk). During this stage, the child will learn to recognize sounds and develop the voice, focus the eyes and absorb the surroundings through the senses as much as possible.
      • The second period begins between 2 and 3 years old. This phase is characterized by a physical activity no less than the previous one, but now representative play accompanied by construction also steps in.

      The first period begins with the baby getting accustomed to simple sensations, such as moving the arms and legs, opening and closing fingers, the contact of hand with mouth, and similar. Soon enough, the baby will start reaching out for sensations. Patting and rubbing of anything that comes to hand is typical. Simply putting suitable playthings within reach is enough for the child to play happily.

      At Chipmunks, baby zone features many soft objects intended for just such a purpose.

      Watch your child experience new sensations without being interrupted.

      The Chipmunks indoor playground Whangarei is only one of the rare places where your baby can satisfy its curiosity and play to its heart’s content. Older siblings may well remain nearby in a dreamland of their own. Chipmunks’ toddler and main zones are suited to the respective ages, and the toys are exactly what needed in each child’s stage of the development.

      E.g., if older siblings happen to be in the second stage of the development, they will enjoy representative play, usually recognizable as the “make-believe” stage. During this development stage, the child uses a good deal of imagination, which should not be hindered or interrupted. For example, an empty plate may well appear to contain some food for your child, and becoming a doctor or a nurse is a natural thing.

      By impersonating others, children develop the sense of empathy and understanding towards other people and professions, simply by living through different personas. Knowing that there are a great many adults who enjoy role-playing should speak volumes about the importance of this phase.

      At Chipmunks, we strive to be one of the greatest qualities in person, and so, it’s where our party themes step in. Not every child will necessarily enjoy being a truck driver or a nurse, but adventuring is something no child will ever say “no” to. Keeping that in mind, Chipmunks has created a variety of party themes to satisfy all kinds of imaginative needs.

      Chipmunks Party Themes

        • Jungle Theme

      Like the name portends, the theme will see the birthday child and the guests explore the unknowns of the jungle. Whatever scenario plays out there, there’s one thing you can be sure of — the shenanigans will enjoy every second of their adventure! Official Chipmunks partyware is also provided.

        • Fairy Princess Theme

      Elves and fairies … really, who doesn’t love them? In one shape or another, supernatural beings have always fuelled the imagination of children and adults alike. Let your daughter shine as a fairy princess while the rest of the elfin world has the time of their lives. Official Chipmunks partyware is even provided.

        • Pirate Theme

      Don’t we all love pirates? Freedom fighters have the honour and the curse to be both loved and hated, depending on the current trend. But, what they are never bereft of is the ability to inspire. And they have used that precious gift for decades unto this day.
      Let your children play out their little heroes/villains the way they imagine them. And watch their play — you are likely to learn a lot about your child’s personality! Official Chipmunks partyware will be provided.

        • Super Hero Theme

      If someone told you they never imagined being Superman or Spider-Man, rest assured they’re lying. Big time! Super heroes have survived decades of dramatic social changes and are still there — in their full glory.
      At Chipmunks, your children can be super heroes for a day! Official Chipmunks partyware is also provided.

        • Charlie Theme

      Charlie is Chipmunks’ brand mascot is an adventurous kid to lead your little adventurers. He will encourage them, lend a hand, inspire them and teach them the responsibility of fair play. Official Chipmunks partyware is provided.

      Chipmunks Indoor Playground for Kids for an Ultimate Birthday Experience

      The Chipmunks indoor playground for kids is certain to inspire your children to be the best at what they are: little adventurers, make-believers and simply — themselves. Give us a call or visit your nearest local playground for additional details and arrangements.

      Customize the party all the way — we will be more than happy to assist!

      Let Your Child Be Little at Chipmunks!

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      1 – 11 Years $9.90

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    • My 3 kids and I all love Chipmunks Playland! Too many reasons to list them all, a few – it’s unique and Charlie the Chipmunk is way cool!!

      Jenni Martin

      August 2016

    • I love it because I can see the pure joy in my son’s face when we are there and is making lots of new little friends. Also the hot chocolate is always good to enjoy myself when I relax.

      Ashlee Ann-Marie Tanner

      August 2016